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Fundraising Efforts

(Our kennel progress!)

At Almost Home Animal Rescue, we believe in absolute transparency with our supporters. As a non-profit board, it is important to us that our community has faith in what we are doing and trust in the way we manage our resources, especially financials.

For this reason, we wanted to share some of the fundraising efforts we've been working on (while we also work on all the building repairs, legal documentation, etc.) Most importantly, we hope this blog highlights the tremendous amount of financial support we've received. THANK YOU!

As of August 18th, we've been fortunate to receive some tremendous grants and donations! They are:

  • $400 from Paint Iowa Beautiful - funding to purchase exterior paint for the building (be on the lookout for a community work day to tackle this project!)

  • $2,000 from Clarke Electric Cooperative - for general building repairs

  • $5,000 from South Central Iowa Community Foundation - to purchase supplies for kennel gates

  • $2,840 from Community 1st Credit Union Foundation - to purchase grooming/bathing station, stainless steel commercial sink, and stainless steel tables for cleaning room

  • $11,000 from South Central Iowa Community Foundation - for additional building repairs and necessary equipment

  • $1,029 from First Interstate Bank to replace ceiling tiles and put an epoxy coating on the kennel floors

  • $25,000 from Vredenburg Foundation - to purchase a new van, crash tested kennels, and cover additional operating expenses

Additionally, our community has been nothing, but supportive of our fundraisers! Together you've helped us add nearly $10,000 to our bank account, which will be used to cover expenses once we are open, including water, electric, employee wages, insurance, and more.

That's a grand total of more than $57,000 in financial support! IN JUST EIGHT MONTHS! (We seriously cry so many happy tears!)

We truly hope our community understands what an impact they are making. Every hour volunteered and every donation made (financial or otherwise) is making a difference.


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